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We all lead hectic lives – work, kids, traffic congestions, obligatory functions and what not. In between organizing all these tasks, we find it tough to sneak in some time for our selves. And when we do find some time, it becomes tougher to utilize it in a constructive way. goal is to make YOUR valuable evening hour invigorating and refreshing.
We started thinking on activities that would lend to relaxing as well stimulating experience and Bingo! What else can inspire, motivate, rejuvenate and send one into an imaginative world other than Books.
Many of us were avid readers when young. But with increased responsibilities, for many, it has fallen through the cracks. Our ambition is to revive and lend a hand to renew and maintain the habit.
So to start with – time. How do you find time to read or even just pursue any hobby? Of course there are tons of websites providing valuable information on this topic. So we won’t indulge too much into it. But, one that has worked for us is making that a family event. Like in the Jane Austen family gatherings, set aside a family recreation time – and make that a reading time or pursue arts and crafts – but definitely not TV – even if it is news. This will make the entire family spend time together as well as gain insight into the world of books.
The next and foremost is accessibility to books. With the traffic and busy schedules, it gets difficult to either run to a book store or to a library to pick up the books. And even if we want to go to a library, there are very few that are in good shape and carry good selection. This is where comes in – one stop location for books – to buy, rent and the best offer: rent-to-buy.
If reading alone does not work for you or would rather do it in a group – we support you there as well. organizes book clubs – Both the traditional and online models at no cost. We plan to hold the traditional book clubs once in a month. As a group, we will pick a coffee shop and we meet up. For those that would rather do it in the realm of home or office – we provide the online model. carries packages that are tuned to both the novice and the avid readers. We own a huge collection of books in different categories – fiction, children’s and are constantly working to increase our inventory.
And if you think of any other idea – bring it on! We are always welcome to new thoughts.
Happy Reading! Happy Hours!

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