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The Fire

The Fire
Category:   Telugu
SubCategory:   Novels
Author(s):  Venu Bhagawan
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Reviews :
    harsha    Says,

sir u r books r very nice but it availble in some places only it is our bad luck
From: , On 2012-09-09 03:47:32
    Prasant    Says,

this is a worth reading book. The auther is simply amazing..his way of writting is quite intereesting. Don't miss this book. Do read it.....!!!!!
From: , On 2010-08-02 04:08:52
    dr.kandukuri    Says,

The coverpage design is very beautiful and inspired one . some matter is from behavioural science . the yandamoori's impact is there in this book. but this book nice to read . i congratulate venu bhagavan ji in this occassion. in future wirtings it is better to over come the yendamooris impact. best of luck( my review on telugu verision)
From: , On 2010-07-07 03:37:37
    srinivas gatlewar    Says,

mr.venu mhagawan books are too good too read, they are veru useful. it will change the way you think for your life. its really motivational
From: , On 2010-06-24 05:01:49